Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ provides answers to basic questions about NBG Finance

What is NBG Finance ?

NBG Finance is a decentralized finance platform that runs on the BNB Smart Chain network by offering various finance programs such as Staking and Farming, as well as other finance programs that we will release next.

Are my assets safe when investing ?

NBG Finance is a decentralized finance platform, so it allows users to have 100% control over their assets, besides that our company has received regulations from the government and is supervised by BAPPEBTI and OJK

How much APY interest do you get every year ?

Interest earned annually up to 300%, and will change over time if the price and trading volume of NBG tokens change

Can I monitor my investment in an app ?

You can monitor your assets through NBG Finance by "CONNECT WALLET" from your personal wallets like trustwallet, metamask, safePal to NBG Finance, meaning users have full access rights to their investment assets.

What is NBG token ?

The NBG token is a DEFI token, a token that runs in a software protocol consisting of programmed smart contracts. That is, the smart contract describes the features and functions of the token, as well as its rules in a pre-programmed computer language

Is APY's interest fixed or does it change periodically ?

APY interest will change periodically if the price of NBG and the trading volume of NBG tokens changes, if the trading volume increases, the price of NBG tokens increases, and the number of holders increases then APY will decrease, and vice versa.

Do you want to expand more crypto tokens ?

We will expand more crypto tokens over time, for now we are focusing on creating and developing finance programs such as Staking and Farming on NBG tokens as a new investment program

How long has NBG Finance been running ?

NBG Finance is a new program that has been running for more than 2 months and has brought in many investors, this project is a continuation of the trading robot development project which has been running for 1 year and has brought more than 100K users active in the world

What are No Lock, Vesting, and Free in Farming and Staking?

NO LOCK - Assets/LP are not locked in NBG Finance, rewards can be withdrawn at any time

VESTING - Asset/LP that you created is locked according to the vesting time you choose, the reward can be withdrawn when the vesting time has arrived

FREE FARM - Free to make LP, assets / LP are not locked, rewards and LP can be withdrawn at any time

Where can I buy NBG tokens for Staking or Farming?

You can buy NBG tokens via Pancakeswap, Dex-Trade.